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Spatial Reuse in Dense Wireless Areas: A Cross-layer Optimization Approach via ADMM

This paper introduces an efficient method for communication resource use in dense wireless areas where all nodes must communicate with a common destination node. The proposed method groups nodes based on their distance from the destination and creates a structured multi-hop configuration in which each group can relay its neighbor’s data. The large number of active radio nodes and the common direction of communication toward a single destination are exploited to reuse the limited spectrum resources in spatially separated groups.

Spectrum allocation constraints among groups are then embedded in a joint routing and resource allocation framework to optimize the route and amount of resources allocated to each node. The solution to this problem uses coordination among the lower-layers of the wireless-network protocol stack to outperform conventional approaches where these layers are decoupled. Furthermore, the structure of this problem is exploited to obtain a semi-distributed optimization algorithm based on the alternating direction method of multipliers (ADMM) where each node can optimize its resources independently based on local channel information.

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