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Impact of Packet Sampling on Link Dimensioning – IEEE NS2 Projects
Dynamic resource allocation in SCADY grid toolkit – IEEE NS2 Projects
A Case of Lightweight PUF Constructions: Cryptanalysis and Machine Learning Attacks – IEEE NS2 Projects
Lasso-based reverberation suppression in automatic speech Recognition – IEEE NS2 Projects
Leave Me Alone: App-Level Protection against Runtime Information Gathering on Android – IEEE NS2 Projects
Shared autonomous vehicles: Model formulation, sub-problem definitions, implementation details, and anticipated impacts – IEEE NS2 Projects
Tunable High-Frequency Properties of Co-Ni Ferromagnetic Nanowires through Composition Modulation – IEEE NS2 Projects
Local SIP Overload Control: Controller Design and Optimization by Extremum Seeking – IEEE NS2 Projects
Achieving Optimal Traffic Engineering Using a Generalized Routing Framework – IEEE NS2 Projects
Low temperature die attach based on sub-micron Ag particles and the high temperature reliability of sintered joints – IEEE NS2 Projects
Brain pattern recognition based classification of neurodegenerative diseases – IEEE NS2 Projects
Linear Precoder Performance for Massive MIMO Systems in near LOS Environments: Application to mmWave Transmission – IEEE NS2 Projects
Evaluation of novel intelligent wireless pushing mechanism based on AHP – IEEE NS2 Projects
Enabling highly energy efficient WSN through PLL-free, fast wakeup radios – IEEE NS2 Projects
Risk Averse Scheduling by a PEV Aggregator Under Uncertainty – IEEE NS2 Projects
A comparison of thermoset and thermoplastic arc chutes in molded-case circuit breakers under fault clearing – IEEE NS2 Projects
Estimation of code ionospheric biases using Kriging method – IEEE NS2 Projects
Analogue auto-associative memory using a multi-valued memristive memory cell – IEEE NS2 Projects
Bluetooth Low Energy for data streaming: Application-level analysis and recommendation – IEEE NS2 Projects
Ocean-bottom pressure and seismic signals at tsunamigenic earthquake – IEEE NS2 Projects
Modelling Virtual Radio Resource Management with traffic offloading support – IEEE NS2 Projects
Managing Emergency Traffic Evacuation With a Partially Random Destination Allocation Strategy: A Computational-Experiment-Based Optimization Approach – IEEE NS2 Projects
Solving nearest neighbors problem on GPU to speed up the Fruchterman-Reingold graph layout algorithm – IEEE NS2 Projects
High-pressure synthesis and superconductivity of the Yb-substituted Ba8-xYbxSi46 clathrates – IEEE NS2 Projects
Balancing throughput and latency for an aerial robot over a wireless secure communication link – IEEE NS2 Projects