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Towards a Reference Architecture for Large-Scale Smart Grids System of Systems – NS2 Project Center
Design approach of visual image detection in rescue robot system of urban search using Bayesian’s logical algorithm – NS2 Project Center
Constrained Multilegged Robot System Modeling and Fuzzy Control With Uncertain Kinematics and Dynamics Incorporating Foot Force Optimization – NS2 Project Center
Microfluidically Tunable Microstrip Filters – NS2 Project Center
IoT-OAS: An OAuth-Based Authorization Service Architecture for Secure Services in IoT Scenarios – NS2 Project Center
EnDAS: Efficient Encrypted Data Search as a Mobile Cloud Service – NS2 Project Center
TEES: An Efficient Search Scheme over Encrypted Data on Mobile Cloud – NS2 Project Center
Path Logics for Querying Graphs: Combining Expressiveness and Efficiency – NS2 Project Center
A Low-Error, Cost-Efficient Design Procedure for Evaluating Logarithms to be Used in a Logarithmic Arithmetic Processor – NS2 Project Center
Open government and open data a global perspective – NS2 Project Center
Effective Real-Time Android Application Auditing – NS2 Project Center
Human body channel energy harvesting scheme with -22.5 dBm sensitivity 25.87% efficiency threshold-compensated rectifier – NS2 Project Center
Fault current limiting in a wind power plant equipped with a DFIG using the interface converter and an optimized located FCL – NS2 Project Center
Design of an adaptive security mechanism for modern routers – NS2 Project Center
Demonstration of 3×341-Gb/s PDM-OFDM-256 Iterative Polar Modulation Signals Over 495 km of a Field-Deployed WDM System – NS2 Project Center
Binarization With Boosting and Oversampling for Multiclass Classification – NS2 Project Center
Modeling of Ionospheric Time Delay Using Anisotropic IDW With Jackknife Technique – NS2 Project Center
A comparative study of Land Mobile Radio and LTE-based public safety communications – NS2 Project Center
Power quality dependence on connected appliances in an Off-Grid system – NS2 Project Center
Distributed Optimal Active Power Control of Multiple Generation Systems – NS2 Project Center
An Efficient I/O-Redirection-based Reconstruction Scheme for Erasure-Coded Storage Clusters – NS2 Project Center
Dynamic TDD Support in Macrocell-Assisted Small Cell Architecture – NS2 Project Center
Scalable SimRank join algorithm – NS2 Project Center
Droop-controlled inverter-based microgrids are robust to clock drifts – NS2 Project Center
Finding Top k Most Influential Spatial Facilities over Uncertain Objects – NS2 Project Center