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Power quality dependence on connected appliances in an Off-Grid system

Power quality is one of the most important subjects in the field of power engineering. Especially in the Off-Grid systems, isolated networks, the power quality (PQ) is highly observed aspect. The fundamental Off-Grid feature can be intended an ability to operate regardless external power system, operation with an equal balance of energy production and consumption and as well as the ability of energy storage and energy conversion, mainly from renewable sources.

This paper describes the relations between PQ and appliances connected into the Off-Grid system. The measurement and analysis are performed by the Off-Grid monitoring system and PQ analyser. Results of analysis will lead to consideration of how to maintain the power quality within desired range. The high PQ level is required in power systems during steady-state conditions as well as during non-stationery situations (i.e. interconnection of various appliances) to ensure the long lifespan af electrical equipment.

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