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PerSEE: A central sensors fusion electronic control unit for the development of perception-based ADAS

Automated vehicles and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) face a variety of complex situations that are dealt with numerous sensors for the perception of the local driving area. Going forward, we see an increasing use of multiple, different sensors inputs with radar, camera and inertial measurement the most common sensor types. Each system has its own purpose and either displays information or performs an activity without consideration for any other ADAS systems, which does not make the best use of the systems.

This paper presents an embedded real-time system to combine the attributes of obstacles, roadway and ego-vehicle features in order to build a collaborative local map. This embedded architecture is called PerSEE: a library of vision-based state-of-the-art algorithms was implemented and distributed in processors of a main fusion electronic board and on smart-cameras board. The embedded hardware architecture of the full PerSEE platform is detailed, with block diagrams to illustrate the partition of the algorithm on the different processors and electronic boards. The communications interfaces as well as the development environment are described.

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