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Optimal dosimeter deployment into a smart city IoT platform for wideband EMF exposure assessment

LEXNET project, funded by the European Commission, is introducing new concepts for the assessment of the population EMF exposure. It also aims at evaluating the capability of future technologies to reduce this EMF exposure. The platform presented in this paper is an original tool for a continuous measurement of the multi-band downlink Electric Field strength at a scale of a city, relying on the SmartSantander sensor network that was developed in a previous project.

The testbed integrates a new equipment to capture the E-field strength, i.e. connected dosimeters. The work that is reported here focuses on the deployment of those dosimeters in the city of Santander. The presented methodology uses both simulation and measurement to achieve an optimal design, i.e. a dosimeter deployment that provides relevant exposure statistics and allows for the creation of exposure maps. Results on the pre-deployment simulations are given in this document, while the complete design optimization will be demonstrated later in Year 2015.

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