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Numerical analysis on the net Gross MISO-SFNG in DVB-T2 system

In this study, a step-by-step analysis on the net Gross single-input single-output single frequencynetwork gain (SISO-SFNG) is presented. The net gain is calculated by subtracting the net gain of a MISO-SFN from that of a multiple-input singleoutput (MISO)-SFN. In order to predict the service coverage of SFN accurately, it is required to calculate the corresponding SFN gain accurately in the receive signal overlapping area of the SFN. Analytical formulas are derived to calculate the net gains of SISO-SFN and MISO-SFN as a function of the signal amplitude and delay spread at each receive point of SFN.

Validity of the derived formulas is confirmed by comparing the numerical analysis results with the measurement data in the related studies. Finally, we exemplify a practical application of the derived formula to predict the net gain of MISO-SFN system by using the reference network with a reference planning configuration.