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LVCMOS I/O standard based environment friendly low power ROM design on FPGA

LVCMOS is Low Voltage Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor. I/O standard is used to match the impedance of input line, output line, input port, output port and device in order to avoid transmission line reflection. Selection of energy efficient I/O standard is required to make energy efficient ROM. LVCMOS12 is the most optimal IO standard. Whereas, LVCMOS33 is the highest power consumer IO standard. With uniform frequency, there is no change in clock power and signal power but LVCMOS33 having 76.47%, 64.47%, 55.88%, 14.07% more I/O power consumption with respect to LVCMOS12, LVCMOS15, LVCMOS18, LVCMOS25, respectively.

We can save up to 77% power using the energy efficient LVCMOS12 I/O standards. When, there is no demand of peak performance, then we can save 92.18% clock power, 100% signal power, and 75.75% I/O power by operating our device with 1GHz frequency in place of 4GHz using dynamic frequency scaling as power management techniques.

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