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Hybrid Method for 3-D Gaze Tracking Using Glint and Contour Features

Glint features have important roles in gaze-tracking systems. However, when the operation range of a gaze-tracking system is enlarged, the performance of glint-feature-based (GFB) approaches will be degraded mainly due to the curvature variation problem at around the edge of the cornea. Although the pupil contour feature may provide complementary information to help estimating the eye gaze, existing methods do not properly handle the cornea refraction problem, leading to inaccurate results.

This paper describes a contour-feature-based (CFB) 3-D gaze-tracking method that is compatible to cornea refraction. We also show that both the GFB and CFB approaches can be formulated in a unified framework and, thus, they can be easily integrated. Furthermore, it is shown that the proposed CFB method and the GFB method should be integrated because the two methods provide complementary information that helps to leverage the strength of both features, providing robustness and flexibility to the system. Computer simulations and real experiments show the effectiveness of the proposed approach for gaze tracking.

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