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Fiber-based multipoint dissemination of radio frequency in tree topology

In this paper, a scheme is proposed to achieve multipoint dissemination of radio frequency in fiber opticnetwork with tree topology. The phase changes of the frequency signal are canceled at the remote end by a passive phase conjugation scheme, which makes it feasible to build a tree-topology disseminationnetwork with high cost effectiveness and flexibility. In the proof-of-concept experiment, a 50 km point-to-point 1 GHz frequency delivery link is first established with fractional instability of 5.96×10−17 for 20000 s averaging time.

Then another branch is connected to the local end by fiber spool of 38.5 km to test multipoint dissemination performance. Respective fractional instability of 7.41×10−17 and 4×10−17 at 20000 s averaging time shows that this simple and effective scheme is free of mutual interference on multipoint-accessed condition and able to construct a flexible radio frequency dissemination network.

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