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Factors influencing multicriteria optimization process

This paper presents an overview of optimization field in case of condensing power plant. Different parameters of power system such as power losses, voltage drop, optimal placement, volume of generators, etc. were considered here; the analysis of their impact on generation process was conducted. The idea is to make a comparison between different models of energy systems and to show how fuel consumption depends on changing of one or another parameter of the system. This paper includes comparison of fuel costs and emissions for condensing power units based on the example of three models.

The first model consists of six generator units, most of them with low capacity. The second and third models include two and three generator units correspondingly. Calculations for different events in the network were carried out. Results were obtained for IEEE 30 bus test system showing different possibilities for reducing fuel consumption, decreasing expenses and emissions. Calculations for possible changes of loads in case of projected growth of loads or abnormal regime were made as well. The research is useful at the first stages of optimization-assisted design and helps to create the thrifty power system.

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