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Digital Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting Systems

The discussion of mobile multimedia broadcasting technologies and service implementation in this chapter is limited to the broadcasting network based scheme can be received by portable or hand-held devices with a small screen. Similar to DTTB systems, digital mobile multimedia broadcasting systems are designed for high-data-throughput (to support multiple low-data-rate services) transmission through wireless channels (VHF/UHF bands in terrestrial, S- or L-band for satellite networks).

The chapter summarizes the features of DVB-H, Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC)-M/H, China Multimedia Mobile Broadcasting (CMMB), and the new released DVB Next Generation Broadcasting System to Handheld (NGH) standards with the focus on the technical merits of reliable transmission under wireless, mobile environment and the robust reception using the portable or hand-held devices. ATSC-Mobile/Handheld (ATSC-M/H) is the standard for the DTV mobile transmission developed by the ATSC in 2007. The ATSC-M/H system shares the same RF channel of the traditional ATSC broadcast services.

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