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Demonstration of 3×341-Gb/s PDM-OFDM-256 Iterative Polar Modulation Signals Over 495 km of a Field-Deployed WDM System

We report a field demonstration of transmission of 1.44 Tb/s over the Korean Advanced ResearchNetwork using three 341-Gb/s PDM-OFDM signals with 256-iterative-polar-modulation. The dispersion managed commercial wavelength-division multiplexed (WDM) transmission system, deployed on legacy fiber and supporting WDM transmission on a 100-GHz grid, covered the distance of 248 km between Daejeon and Seoul.

Using a loop-back configuration, the three channels were transmitted over a total distance of 495 km. Successful transmission was achieved by adopting both a digital signal processing-based intersymbol-interference compensation technique and an enhanced soft-decision decoder for the coded modulation.

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