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Broadband Dual-polarized Omnidirectional Antenna for 2G/3G/LTE/WiFi Applications

A broadband dual-polarized omnidirectional antenna is presented in this paper for the 2G/3G/LTE/WiFi communication systems. It consists of one vertically-polarized (VP) element and one horizontally-polarized (HP) element. The VP element is composed of a ground plane and a center-fed discone coupled by a circular patch with four shorting legs, while the HP element is composed of a printed dipole array, a feeding network, and four pairs of parasitical branches.

Through such deliberate design, a broad bandwidth from 820 MHz to more than 6 GHz (about more than 152%) for VP and from 1530 to 2950 MHz (about 63%) for HP can be achieved while keeping antenna compact. Good port isolation, omnidirectional patterns in horizontal plane, along with acceptable cross-polarization and gain are also obtained. Details of the antenna design as well as exper-imental results are presented and discussed.

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