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An Effective Power Dispatch Control Strategy to Improve Generation Schedulability and Supply Reliability of a Wind Farm Using a Battery Energy Storage System

The uncertainty in the availability of wind generation and the lack of coincidence between wind generation and system peak demand make wind farms (WFs) to be nondispatchable energy resources and impose limits on the potential penetration of wind generation in the generation mix. Battery energy storage systems (BESSs) integrated with WFs can reduce the variability of wind generation output allowing them to be dispatched for the network support, especially under peak load conditions. This paper proposes an effective power dispatch control strategy of WFs with the aid of BESSs to improve the supply reliability taking into account the uncertainties in wind generation output and load demand.

A stochastic programming model is formulated considering uncertainty in wind generation and energy price to schedule WF dispatch. A novel rank-based BESS dispatch control algorithm is developed to achieve the assured WF power output levels for dispatch. Also, the application of the power dispatch control strategy is presented with the simulation study. Simulation results suggest that the implementation of the proposed strategy will improve supply reliability and revenue stream of the WFs.

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