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A SURVEY- Academic demolition via internet addiction

There are many studies about the INTERNET based learning, its use and its addiction and this is one of them. This paper lightened a brief overview of research, on theoretical and practical perspective of day to day work of students at BHARAT INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, Partapur Meerut, UTTAR PRADESH, INDIA. This research is among the medical psychologists, students of Institute and some of my colleagues of education profession. The work presented here is investigated among people for the existence of internet usage and their habits, it also defined the problem caused by internet dependency. A definition for e-learning says that, the transmitting of information, contents, videos lectures, problem solving face-to-face sessions their delivering without considering the boundaries of geographical locations are very much helpful. So, learning activities involves many computers, their supportive peripherals and networks.

This leads to study online, a Web based learning environment developed for various information systems courses. In this paper, we will explore e-learning through web-based training for the betterment of education perspectives. In this paper there is a prototype for a simple, dedicated, learner oriented E-learning system to satisfy the learning process. We can call this addiction as THE ARRIVAL OF NEW PSHYCHOLOGICAL DISORDER. Excessive computer usage is growing various social and ethical issues which is being debated worldwide. Web based Addiction Disorder ruins lives by causing various psychological and social problems. Our personal views indicated that some internet users were becoming addicted as normal human being become addicted to the drugs or alcohol which results in various social, economical and society demolishment. For the above reason there must be awareness programs conducted to make the community, especially students, to be aware about the problem and consequences.

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