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A Robust Synchronization Method for Centralized Microgrids

Microgrids represent one of the best candidates to redesign the architecture of the future distributionnetwork. Such a model, in fact, is promising to be able to properly manage a larger penetration of distributed energy resources while improving the local production and utilization of energy. On the other hand, the control of a microgrid is quite challenging since the system has to be particularly reliable and flexible due to the required multiple and concurrent tasks to be performed.

In this scenario, this paper proposes a novel solution that is able to synchronize the phase and the frequency of all of the devices connected to the microgrid through the combined use of different phase-locked loops and the 1 pulse per second signal, provided by a Global Positioning System device. Extensive experimental tests, performed also in critical operating conditions of the grid, have confirmed the effectiveness of the proposed method.

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