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A novel approach for image compression based on multi-level image thresholding using discrete wavelet transform and cricket algorithm

Applications of image compression is important in terms of time and resource management considering factors such as require more time to send according to the size of image over the network and large amount of space is high dimensional data for storing images. In this study, a new approach can be using at image compression process will be introduced. Firstly, image subjected to discrete wavelet transform for extracting feature. Then multi-level threshold values will be find with Shanon entropy in the obtained image.

The maximum value of objective function will be obtained with the help of cricket algorithm at the threshold values finding step. This algorithm is a meta-heuristic algorithm that based on population. The threshold values that obtained through algorithm using to compressing the images will be provided. At the end of the study, the image compression ratio, the proposed approach running on a standard test image will be given.

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