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A hybrid mobile biometric-based e-voting system

Information technology changes and gives shape to networked society all over the world today and its solutions are becoming main drivers in almost all fields of human life activity. One of those solutions is the empowerment of e-government technologies through mobile solutions. Although the acceptance rate of e-government applications is increasing, e-voting is hardly accepted as main tool in its field because it lacks in offering reliable solutions to common problems like fraud, bribery, anonymous character of the vote and absence of reliable independent observation.

This paper proposes a mobile biometric-based design that solves such challenges and preserves transparency, privacy, and anonymity along with other essential services, using techniques such as Secure Sockets Layer encryption, certificate keys and 30 to 60 available seconds for security tokens. The paper also presents requirements analysis for the proposed design system of the hybrid mobile biometric-based e-voting system.

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