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A hybrid Genetic Algorithm for Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows

The Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows (VRPTW) consists of a homogenous set of vehicles and a set of customer located in a city. In VRPTW all the vehicles starts from the depot visit the customer and end at the depot. Each customer is visited exactly by one vehicle within the specified time window. The objective is to minimize the number of vehicles and total distance travelled simultaneously. This represents the multiobjective Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows. The proposed work consists of Hybrid Genetic Search with Diversity Control using the Genetic Algorithm for solving the VRPTW.

The Pareto approach is used for finding the set of optimal solutions for achieving the multiobjective. The crossover operator is used for exchanging the best routes, which have shortest distance. Two mutation operators such as relocation mutation operator and split mutation operator were used in this application. In this, it accounts penalty for an infeasible solutions with respect to time-window and duration constrains. The computations are performed using the instances which are obtained from the VRPLIB.

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