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Directly PAM-4 Modulated 1530-nm VCSEL Enabling 56 Gb/s/ גּ Data-Center Interconnects

We demonstrate a 56 Gb/s four-level pulse-amplitude modulation (PAM-4) transmission using direct detection and a long-wavelength 18-GHz bandwidth vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser as directly modulated light source for short-reach inter- and intra-connects in datacenters and short-reachnetworks. Error-free transmission over 2 km at 7% hard-decision forward-error correction threshold is achieved by applying powerful equalization schemes at the receiver side.

Three equalization schemes, i.e., a maximum likelihood estimation (MLSE), a feed-forward equalizer (FFE), and a combination of the FFE and the MLSE are thoroughly investigated, and the performance comparison between them is carried out.

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