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High-Speed Modulation of Lateral p-i-n Diode Structure Electro-Absorption Modulator Integrated With DFB Laser

Large-scale photonic integrated circuits (PICs) are essential for reducing the cost and power consumption of optical networks. Selective doping by means of thermal diffusion and ion implantation is suitable for fabricating PICs because it enables doping into desired regions without crystal growth. In this paper, we report the fabrication of a lateral-p-i-n-diode-structure electro-absorption modulator (EAM) integrated […]

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Advancing China?s Smart Grid: Phasor Measurement Units in a Wide-Area Management System

In developing a smart grid the measurement technology used plays a fundamental role for advanced power-system analysis and control. Phasor measurement units (PMUs), as part of a wide-area measurement system (WAMS), increasingly constitute the critical measurement infrastructures for transmission and generation systems. As of 2013, approximately 2,400 PMU sets had been deployed in power grids […]

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Fast and Memory-Efficient Routing Algorithms for Field Programmable Gate Arrays with Sparse Intra-cluster Routing Crossbars

FPGA routing is one of the most time consuming steps in a typical CAD flow. The problem itself is similar to the NP-complete problem of computing a set of disjoint paths in a graph. The routing resource graph (RRG) that represents an FPGA routing network is necessarily large, and becomes even larger when modeling modern FPGAs that […]

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DSP-Enabled Flexible ROADMs without Optical Filters and O-E-O Conversions

Utilising Hilbert-pair-based digital filtering, intensity modulation and passive optical coupling, optical filter- and O-E-O conversion-free ROADMs with excellent flexibility, colorlessness, gridlessness, contentionlessness, adaptability and transparency to physical-layer network characteristics are proposed and evaluated, for the first time, which offer DSP-enabled dynamic add/drop operations at wavelength, sub-wavelength and orthogonal sub-band levels. Extensive numerical simulations are undertaken to explore […]

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Supporting multi data stores applications in cloud environments

The production of huge amount of data and the emergence of cloud computing have introduced new requirements for data management. Many applications need to interact with several heterogeneous data stores depending on the type of data they have to manage: traditional data types, documents, graph data from social networks, simple key-value data, etc. Interacting with heterogeneous […]

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