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Operational issues facing commercial raman amplifier system: Safety measures and system designs

We overview operational issues in Raman amplifier system deployment from the viewpoints of precautions and countermeasures against potential hazards and optical signal-to-noise ratio system design for stable commercial use.

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Phase-matched four-wave mixing by the fast light effect in fiber Bragg gratings

We demonstrate the phase-matched four-wave mixing (FWM) generation by the fast light effect in the bandgap of fiber Bragg grating. Energy conversion out of the bandgap has been realized in a low power level. The experimental result shows great agreement with the simulation.

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Reactive Power Loss Versus GIC Characteristic of Single-Phase Transformers

An analytical method is employed to characterize the reactive power loss of a single-phase transformer when subjected to geomagnetically induced current (GIC). A general closed-form formula is proposed to calculate the reactive power loss of the transformer as a function of the applied voltage, air-core inductance, and GIC. The developed equation reveals that the reactive […]

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A post-haiyan community level mobility model

For the past decade, there has been an increase in the frequency and impact of natural disasters. Information and communications technology (ICT) can be used to minimize the impact of disasters in many ways. However, before deployment, disaster-related ICT systems need to be tested and validated using the appropriate modeling and simulation tools. In this […]

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Greening Geographical Load Balancing

Energy expenditure has become a significant fraction of data center operating costs. Recently, “geographical load balancing” has been proposed to reduce energy cost by exploiting the electricity price differences across regions. However, this reduction of cost can paradoxically increase total energy use. We explore whether the geographical diversity of Internet-scale systems can also provide environmental […]

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