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  • Analyzing the Impact of OWOM on Box Office Revenue also in the World of BigData
  • Research on Big Data Real-Time Public Opinion Monitoring under the Double Cloud Architecture
  • Taxonomy on the Integration of Hadoop and also Rapid Miner for Big DataAnalytics   (BIG DATA PROJECTS)
  • Harnessing Big Data for Wireless Body Area Network Applications
  • Accelerating Apache Spark Big Data Analysis also with FPGAs
  • Addressing Provenance Issues also in Big Data Genome Wide Association Studies (GWAS)
  • CS-Based Secured Big Data Processing also on FPGA
  • BigEAR: Inferring the Ambient and also Emotional Correlates from Smartphone-Based Acoustic Big Data
  • High Performance Computing Cluster System and also its Future Aspects in Processing Big Data
  • Big Data Application in Education: Dropout Prediction in Edx MOOCs
  • A Mobile Cloud Computing Model also Using the Cloudlet Scheme for Big DataApplications   (BIG DATA PROJECTS)
  • Optimization of Multiple Queries for Big Data also with Apache Hadoop/Hive
  • Analyzing Big Smart Metering Data Towards Differentiating User Services: A Sublinear Approach
  • Clustering on Big Data also Using Hadoop MapReduce
  • Towards Conceptual MapReduce Algorithm also for Big Data Platform
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