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           The nam trace file is generated through the utilization of nam and it includes some topology information such as node connectivity, queues, links, nodes and etc. On the other hand, it is deployed to read the information over file and store that in the minimum amount of animation event information memory as the internal process.

Nam File in Ns2

          In general, the result of Ns2 is not visualized and the phase of nam file in Ns2 is considered as the most substantial process. Nam is considered as the GUI tool in Ns2 and it creates the Ns2 components. Nam is capable to read the input file and to draw the graphical network events and it is possible when it is distributed with Ns2 because it is the separate program.

Nam Trace Format

             Additionally, the nam tracing process is functional through the utilization of C++ class trace. The depiction of Trace::format() is about the deployment of nam trace file for the visualization based on Ns simulation. For your reference, we have highlighted the functions of Trace::format() in the following code.

if (namChan_ != 0)
"%c -t "TIME_FORMAT" -s %d -d %d -p %s -e %d -c %d
-i %d -a %d -x {%s.%s %s.%s %d %s %s}",

How the Nam File Looks Like

             It is about the provision of Nam code generation in all the TCL script that are written using Ns2 and it depicts the visualization of Nam file with the below mentioned specifications.

  • Packet transmission
  • + -t 4.356591980 -s 6 -d 5 -p tcp -e 1040 -c 2 -a 0 -i 78 -k RTR
  • h -t 4.356591980 -s 6 -d -1 -p tcp -e 1040 -c 2 -a 0 -i 78 -k AGT
  • Labels on node
  • n -t 0.59999999999999998 -s 7 -S DLABEL -l “DESTINATION” -L “”
  • n -t 0.40000000000000002 -s 6 -S DLABEL -l “SOURCE” -L “”
  • Marks on node
  • m -t 0.59999999999999998 -s 7 -n m1 -c red -h square
  • m -t 0.40000000000000002 -s 6 -n m1 -c green -h hexagon
  • Color of the node
  • n -t 1.1 -s 8 -S COLOR -c brown -o gold -i brown -I gold
  • n -t 0.4 -s 6 -S COLOR -c green -o gold -i green -I gold

Visualize and Modify Topologies Using Nam

  • INET
  • transit-stub-itm
  • hierarchical-itm
  • flat-itm

         The above mentioned are the topology models that are required to create, modify and visualize the created topologies. It is capable to be integrated with the required input parameters and it is translated over the description of topology in the internal illustration of nam editor in network.

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