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             Tcl is one of the powerful scripting languages along with the programming features and it includes the Mac OS platforms, Windows and Unix. In addition, it is deployed for the web and desktop applications, graphical user interfaces (GUI), scripted applications, rapid prototyping, testing, administration, networking and etc. It is mainly deployed as the Eggdrop bot scripting language for the common gateway interface (CGI). The combination of Tcl and the Tk GUI toolkit is denoted as the Tcl or else Tk.

Commands in Tcl

            Generally, Tcl includes the set of commands that are combined as per the set of rules and the Tcl scripts are written using the two significant subjects such as,

  • Tcl commands
  • The syntax is same for all the commands and every Tcl command is deployed to perform the particular task. The Tcl is exploited fully through the commands that are functional with some programming facilities such as
  • Procedures
  • It is permitting several commands and to accept the arguments
  • Control flow commands
  • It is to implement the orders based on the value of expressions
  • Expressions
  • It combines the operators along with the value of variables
  • Variables
  • It is deployed to store the data and that includes the name and value
  • Tcl syntax
  • It is the set of rules that are functioning as the Tcl command interpreter and that follows the interpretation of commands to string

Networking in Tcl

           The networking process based on Tcl language will mainly focuses on both the UDP and TCP protocols.

  • Line buffering
  • It is about the new socket that is based on line buffering mode and that acquires the results in network transmission process
  • Data based on Tcl is buffering to fill the command to flush the command which is used. The fconfigure command set up the mode of buffering

fconfigure $sock -buffering line

  • Client connections
  • While the client is connected to the server it is called as Echoaccept and the Tcl includes three arguments for the command to make a callback and they are enlisted below
  • Client’s port
  • Client’s IP address
  • Connection
  • Event loop
  • It is deployed to build the facility based on Tcl runtime
  • It requires the active call backs for its functions
  • Server
  • It is functioning to accept the connection from various clients
  • Service details
  • The port numbers are based on the system configuration process and it enables the symbolic names over the services
  • Sockets
  • It is the command that opens the network socket and return to the channel recognizer to invoke the commands based on read, puts and flush

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