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       As the first process to download Ns2 simulator, we have to follow all the essential guidance that are mentioned below.

Ns2 Simulator Download

       We have to download the Ns2 simulator to make the network simulation process through the below mentioned URL.


Link to Download Ns2 Simulator

       After downloading Ns2 simulator, we have to extract the packages and store that in

Package Extraction

Source Code in Ns2 Simulator

         For your ease, we have highlighted the sample source code based on the Ns2 simulator.

  • Scheduling the channels based on delay

            assert(hdr_cmn::access(p)->direction() == hdr_cmn::DOWN);

            Scheduler &s = Scheduler::instance();

            ChannelDelayEvent *de = new ChannelDelayEvent(p, (Phy *)h);

            s.schedule(this, de, delay_);

  • Generate the trace based on TCP protocol

            else if (v == &t_rtt_)

                        snprintf(wrk, TCP_WRK_SIZE,

                                     “%-8.5f %-2d %-2d %-2d %-2d %s %-6.3f\n”,

                                     curtime, addr(), port(), daddr(), dport(),

                                     v->name(), int(*((TracedInt*) v))*tcp_tick_);

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