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A Unified Framework for Defining and Measuring Flexibility in Power System – NS2 Projects List
Distribution System State Estimation Using the Hamiltonian Cycle Theory – NS2 Projects List
Frequency domain analysis of EM crosstalk problem in a quad by the equivalent cable bundle method among twisted-wire pairs cable bundle – NS2 Projects List
On the Capacity of Smart Grid Wireless Backhaul With Delay Guarantee and Packet Concatenation – NS2 Projects List
Battery systems management using a goal-seeking framework – NS2 Projects List
Felix: A Topology based Framework for Visual Exploration of Cosmic Filaments – NS2 Projects List
An Exact Method for Computing Delay Margin for Stability of Load Frequency Control Systems With Constant Communication Delays – NS2 Projects List
Rate Maximization Based Power Allocation and Relay Selection with IRI Consideration for Two-Path AF Relaying – NS2 Projects List
A Stochastic Transmission Planning Model With Dependent Load and Wind Forecasts – NS2 Projects List
The Effect of Broadband Matching in Simultaneous Information and Power Transfer – NS2 Projects List
2W-FD: A Failure Detector Algorithm with QoS – NS2 Projects List
Introduction to Social Media, Citizen Participation, and Government Minitrack – NS2 Projects List
Raman amplification: An enabling technology for high-capacity, long-haul transmission – NS2 Projects List
Two-phase active power filter direct current control with capacitor voltages estimation and balance – NS2 Projects List
A fully analog two-way sequential GaN power amplifier with 40% fractional bandwidth – NS2 Projects List
Energy-Efficient Power Allocation in Dynamic Multi-Carrier Systems – NS2 Projects List
Modified AHP for Gene Selection and Cancer Classification using Type-2 Fuzzy Logic – NS2 Projects List
Towards standardising building rural clinics: Energy requirements – NS2 Projects List
Security-Reliability Trade-off Analysis of Multi-Relay Aided Decode-and-Forward Cooperation Systems – NS2 Projects List
A-Duplex: Medium Access Control for Efficient Coexistence between Full Duplex and Half Duplex Communications – NS2 Projects List
Enhancement of RSOA direct modulation bandwidth with optimized optical filter – NS2 Projects List
A clamped feedback based digital versatile optimal bidirectional battery charger for HEV/PHEV – NS2 Projects List
Modeling Implantable Passive Mechanisms for Modifying the Transmission of Forces and Movements Between Muscle and Tendons – NS2 Projects List
Queuing-Based Energy Consumption Management for Heterogeneous Residential Demands in Smart Grid – NS2 Projects List
An Energy Management System for the Savona Campus Smart Polygeneration Microgrid – NS2 Projects List
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