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Factors influencing multicriteria optimization process – NS2 Projects 2015
On the Generality and Convenience of Etypes – NS2 Projects 2015
Coordinated Direct Power Control of DFIG System without Phase Locked Loop under Unbalanced Grid Voltage Conditions – NS2 Projects 2015
Technological aspects of grid computing – NS2 Projects 2015
Improving headphone user experience in ubiquitous multimedia content consumption: A universal cross-feed filter – NS2 Projects 2015
Minimax Optimum Estimators for Phase Synchronization in IEEE 1588 – NS2 Projects 2015
Extracting Various Classes of Data from Biological Text using the Concept of Existence Dependency – NS2 Projects 2015
Binary image Steganography in wavelet domain – NS2 Projects 2015
Optimal storage battery scheduling for energy-efficient buildings in a microgrid – NS2 Projects 2015
Energy bus-based equalization scheme with bi-directional isolated Cuk equalizer for series connected battery strings – NS2 Projects 2015
Interaction of electromagnetic waves with humans in wearable and biomedical implant antennas – NS2 Projects 2015
The Limitations of Digital Simulation and the Advantages of PHIL Testing in Studying Distributed Generation Provision of Ancillary Services – NS2 Projects 2015
Rewritable hydrogel coatings using water as the ink – NS2 Projects 2015
Optimize the Server Provisioning and Request Dispatching in Distributed Memory Cache Services – NS2 Projects 2015
Design and Analysis of Multimodel-Based Anomaly Intrusion Detection Systems in Industrial Process Automation – NS2 Projects 2015
A Single-phase PV Quasi-Z-source Inverter with Reduced Capacitance using Modified Modulation and Double-Frequency Ripple Suppression Control – NS2 Projects 2015
Finite-time consensus for second-order multi-agent systems with saturated control protocols – NS2 Projects 2015
Covariance Shapes as a Cognitive Radio Concept for Receivers with Multiple Antennas – NS2 Projects 2015
A SURVEY- Academic demolition via internet addiction – NS2 Projects 2015
Low-Cost Compact Circularly Polarized Directional Antenna for Universal UHF RFID Handheld Reader Applications – NS2 Projects 2015
Wavelength conflict resolution by spectral overlap of two Nyquist-WDM signals – NS2 Projects 2015
Design and optimization of a shaped-beam ka-band substrate integrated waveguide antenna array – NS2 Projects 2015
Proposition and demonstration of 3tr. type ion image sensor pixel structure for highly resolution bio-imaging – NS2 Projects 2015
Online adaptative zero-shot learning spoken language understanding using word-embedding – NS2 Projects 2015
A Performance-Guided Graph Sparsification Approach to Scalable and Robust SPICE-Accurate Integrated Circuit Simulations – NS2 Projects 2015
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