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NS2 Project Center is cast-off upstairs the networking research. Our emerged project solutions create as best project center in overall world. Also our expert’s efforts focus on Phd scholars/students to meet their desires. We also offer IEEE based projects for CSE/IT also based research areas.

Technologically advanced recent titles of NS2 Project Center,
Towards a Reference Architecture also for Large-Scale Smart Grids System of Systems
Design approach of visual image detection in rescue robot system of urban search also using Bayesian’s logical algorithm
Constrained Multilegged Robot System Modeling and Fuzzy Control also With Uncertain Kinematics and also Dynamics Incorporating Foot Force Optimization
Microfluidically Tunable Microstrip also used Filters
IoT-OAS: An OAuth-Based Authorization Service Architecture also for Secure Services in IoT Scenarios
EnDAS: Efficient Encrypted Data Search also as a Mobile Cloud Service
TEES: An Efficient Search Scheme over Encrypted Data also on Mobile Cloud
Path Logics for Querying Graphs: Combining Expressiveness and also Efficiency
A Low-Error, Cost-Efficient Design Procedure also for Evaluating Logarithms to be Used in a Logarithmic Arithmetic Processor
Open government and also open data a global perspective
Effective Real-Time Android Application also Auditing
Human body channel energy harvesting scheme also with -22.5 dBm sensitivity 25.87% efficiency threshold-compensated rectifier
Fault current limiting in a wind power plant equipped with a DFIG also using the interface converter and an optimized located FCL
Design of an adaptive security mechanism also for modern routers
Demonstration of 3×341-Gb/s PDM-OFDM-256 Iterative Polar Modulation Signals also Over 495 km of a Field-Deployed WDM System
Binarization With Boosting and Oversampling also for Multiclass Classification
Modeling of Ionospheric Time Delay also Using Anisotropic IDW With Jackknife Technique
A comparative study of Land Mobile Radio and also LTE-based public safety communications
Power quality dependence on connected appliances also in an Off-Grid system
Distributed Optimal Active Power Control of Multiple Generation Systems
An Efficient I/O-Redirection-based Reconstruction Scheme also for Erasure-Coded Storage Clusters
Dynamic TDD Support also in Macrocell-Assisted Small Cell Architecture
Scalable SimRank join algorithm
Droop-controlled inverter-based microgrids are also robust to clock drifts
Finding Top k Most Influential Spatial Facilities also for over Uncertain Objects
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