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Network Projects

   Our Network Projects is major service offered for students to promote their ideas and dreams into real output. Network is the key to perform transmission of data; the data can be of text, voice, image and video.Exclusive ideas on Projects are presented by our amazing research team to create your masterpiece in academy. Emerging fresh Engineers and other Graduates are politely guided by gathering their area of interest in Networking. We are available for 24/7 online, so you can find us at anytime from anywhere.

    Network-Projects covers all the evolving networks for various significant applications that include 3G, 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi Networks, WiMAX Networks, Sensor Networks and Ad hoc Networks. We have dealt with 8000+ students and aggregated positive feedbacks on Network Projects. Start creating your dream project with our expertise technical faculties.

Network Guidance for Students/ PhD scholars

  It performs communication via radio spectrum’s which is not capable to use other spectrum’s for data transmission. Currently communication in Cellular networks has upgraded to optical Network which is comprised of Optical fibers that uses Optical Spectrum. Light pulses are the key idea in performing Optical Communications. Share your idea clicked in network and we will support until those ideas are explored into colors. We make a complete design and assure you cent percent confidentiality. Optical Communication is one of the most popular and recent area selected in Network Projects.

We light up your Network Projects by using light pulses for Optical Communication. This Optical Communication also has the opportunity to be integrated also with other type of networks which is studied in–depth by our stuffed technical team.

  From our recent survey we list with few significant points in Optical Communication to define also your interested area in this Optical Communication for Projects.

Prominent topics presented in Optical Networks for Networks are
  • Link failure monitoring
  • Network reconfiguration
  • Dynamic routing
  • Location analysis
  • Error correction
  • Spectrum assignment
  • Space Division Multiplexing
  • Cross–layer design
  • Modulation schemes
  • Millimeter wave
  • Multiplexing techniques
  • Also Failure detection
  • Matlab (Simulink)
  • OptSim
  • OptiSystem
  • RSoft Photonic System Design
  • ModSYS
  • Embedded kit design
  • And also others

Important Metrics of Optical Communication

  • Less attenuation
  • Zero interference
  • Higher bandwidth
  • Economical
  • Limited space
  • Also Increased speed

Innovative Concepts in Network-Projects

  • Non-stationary routing also with back-to-back regeneration in flexible optical networks.
  • Software Defined Optical Networks also to monitor link failures.
  • Reconfiguration of Optical Networks also using Bayesian approach.
  • Location error analysis and also Error Correction method in Passive Optical Networks.
  • Machine learning approach also for localization in Optical Networks.
  • Machine learning approach also for Space Division Multiplexing in Elastic Optical Networks.
  • Re-optimization of parallel lightpath also using time synchronization in Optical Networks.
  • Multi objective approach also in Optical Network for traffic flow using Honey Bees concept.
  • Efficient fault management also in Optical Network using a cognitive based Architecture.
  • Performance of grouped routing also for extending spectral efficiency in Optical Network communication.

     We also have listed with an overview of Network-Projects which includes a vast area of concepts. For more ideas and also guidance, ping us through E-mail, Phone call or Whatsapp. Flooding out research knowledge of our technical expertise also will fed you with clear goal, objectives, aim and also execution procedure for the chosen Network-Projects.

Our novel ideas usually create more interest to work with us and achieve full satisfaction. Approach us, gain bunch of knowledge also to reach your success. Till now we have delivered nearly 1000+ Network Projects to students all over the world. Other information regarding also other project domains are also supported also by our well–versed world class developers.

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