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  • Protocol Design for Output Consensus of Port-controlled Hamiltonian Multi-agent Systems
  • Online Contribution Rate Based Fault Diagnosis also for Nonlinear Industrial Processes
  • Illumination Compensation for Face Recognition also Using Only One Image
  • Semiglobal Stabilization via Output-feedback also for a Class of Uncertain Nonlinear Systems
  • Sufficient and Necessary Condition of Admissibility also for Fractional-order Singular System
  • A Comprehensive UAV Indoor Navigation System also Based on Vision Optical Flow and Laser FastSLAM
  • A review of segmentation methods also in short axis cardiac MR images
  • A process of 3D/2D registration methods also for image-guided interventions
  • Towards robust and also effective shape modeling: Sparse shape composition
  • Efficient MR image reconstruction also for compressed MR imaging
  • DRAMMS: Deformable registration via attribute matching and also mutual-saliency weighting
  • MIND: Modality independent neighbourhood descriptor also for multi-modal deformable registration
  • Nonrigid registration of dynamic medical imaging data also using nD+t B-splines and a groupwise optimization approach
  • Review of automatic segmentation methods of multiple sclerosis white matter lesions also on conventional magnetic resonance imaging
  • New methods also for MRI denoising based on sparseness and self-similarity
  • An effectual function for Influence and Optimization of Packet Loss on the Internet-Based on Geographically Distributed Test Platform designed for Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Powertrain Systems
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