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Latest NS2 Projects of Technology based titles below,
Cumulative Distribution Function of Bivariate Gamma Distribution also With Arbitrary Parameters and Applications
Disambiguating Stereoscopic Transparency also Using a Thaumatrope Approach
Heart murmur detection and classification using wavelet transform and also Hilbert phase envelope
Glucose-tracking: A postprandial glucose prediction system also for diabetic self-management
Exploiting Moving Objects: Multi-Robot Simultaneous Localization and also Tracking
Analysis and Control of Bipolar LVDC Grid also With DC Symmetrical Component Method
Widely Linear Estimation also for Space-Time-Coded GFDM in Low-Latency Applications
Verification of the Power and also Ground Grids Under General and Hierarchical Constraints
Security Concerns and Countermeasures also in Cloud Computing Paradigm
A Sensorless Adaptive Maximum Power Point Extraction Method With Voltage Feedback Control for Small Wind Turbines also in Off-Grid Applications
Teleoperation of mining equipment also using Optical Wireless Communications
Characterizing mobile user habits: The case also for energy budgeting
Compact Fluorescent Lamp Modeling also for Large-Scale Harmonic Penetration Studies
Leader-Following Coordination of Nonlinear Agents also under Time-varying Communication Topologies
An Energy-efficient Nonvolatile In-memory Computing Architecture for Extreme Learning Machine also by Domain-wall Nanowire Devices
DSearching: Using Floating Mobility Information also for Distributed Node Searching in DTNs
EM-SS model of high-speed generators also in Microgrids
Ambient Control: A mobile framework for dynamically remixing also the Internet of Things
FRoDO: Fraud Resilient Device also for Off-line micropayments
Aerial assisted path planning also for terrestrial rover without complete environment map
PrInCE Lab experimental microgrid Planning and also operation issues
Unravelling the Impact of Temporal and Geographical Locality in Content Caching Systems
Wi-Fi Hotspot at Signalized Intersection: Cost-Effectiveness also for Vehicular Internet Access
Interdatacenter Job Routing and Scheduling With Variable Costs and also Deadlines
Optimal dosimeter deployment into a smart city IoT platform also for wideband EMF exposure assessment
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