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IEEE NS2 PROJECTS is our unique work of develop an IEEE paper based projects. Uncertainty of a scholars or student aspects for IEEE ns2 projects, we provide resources for a base paper writing and publishing support also for IEEE and we work on the students convenience paper.

we also updated every month of the IEEE projects lists here are in,
Impact of Packet Sampling also on Link Dimensioning
Dynamic resource allocation also in SCADY grid toolkit
A Case of Lightweight PUF Constructions: Cryptanalysis and also Machine Learning Attacks
Lasso-based reverberation suppression also in automatic speech Recognition
Leave Me Alone: App-Level Protection against also Runtime Information Gathering on Android
Shared autonomous vehicles: Model formulation, also sub-problem definitions, implementation details, and anticipated impacts
Tunable High-Frequency Properties of Co-Ni Ferromagnetic Nanowires through also Composition Modulation
Local SIP Overload Control: Controller Design and also Optimization by Extremum Seeking
Achieving Optimal Traffic Engineering also Using a Generalized Routing Framework
Low temperature die attach based on sub-micron Ag particles and also the high temperature reliability of sintered joints
Brain pattern recognition also based classification of neurodegenerative diseases
Linear Precoder Performance also for Massive MIMO Systems in near LOS Environments: Application to mmWave Transmission
Evaluation of novel intelligent wireless pushing mechanism also based on AHP
Enabling highly energy efficient WSN through PLL-free, also fast wakeup radios
Risk Averse Scheduling also by a PEV Aggregator Under Uncertainty
A comparison of thermoset and also thermoplastic arc chutes in molded-case circuit breakers under fault clearing
Estimation of code ionospheric biases also using Kriging method
Analogue auto-associative memory also using a multi-valued memristive memory cell
Bluetooth Low Energy for data streaming: Application-level analysis and also recommendation
Ocean-bottom pressure and also seismic signals at tsunamigenic earthquake
Modelling Virtual Radio Resource Management also with traffic offloading support
Managing Emergency Traffic Evacuation also With a Partially Random Destination Allocation Strategy: A Computational-Experiment-Based Optimization Approach
Solving nearest neighbors problem also on GPU to speed up the Fruchterman-Reingold graph layout algorithm
High-pressure synthesis and also superconductivity of the Yb-substituted Ba8-xYbxSi46 clathrates
Balancing throughput and latency also for an aerial robot over a wireless secure communication link
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