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NS2 Mesh Simulation Code

Mesh Simulation using NS2 Code

NS2 Mesh Simulation Code Networking a device transmits its own source data which also serve as relay for other nodes in a network topology.NS2 mesh simulation code provides the best and most effective data path for efficient communication. We have delivered more than 50+ NS2 mesh simulation code for Engineering Students and Research Scholars.

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Types of network mesh topology:

  • Total mesh topology.
  • Partial mesh topology.

Advantages of  NS2 Mesh Simulation Coding:

  • Data can be transmitted from different devices simultaneously.
  • Even if one of the components fails there is always an alternative present. So data transfer doesn’t get affected.
  • This topology can withstand high traffic.
  • Expansion and modification in topology can be done without disrupting other nodes.

Sample code for mesh network:
This is the Sample code for monitor traffic in mesh topology.
#Open the nam trace file
set nf [open out.nam w] $ns namtrace-all $nf

#Define a ‘finish’ procedure
proc finish {} {
global ns nf
$ns flush-trace
#Close the trace file
close $nf
#Executenam on the trace file
exec nam out.nam &
exit 0

#Create four nodes
set n0 [$ns node] set n1 [$ns node] set n2 [$ns node] set n3 [$ns node]

#Create links between the nodes
$ns duplex-link $n0 $n1 1Mb 10ms DropTail
$ns duplex-link $n0 $n2 1Mb 10ms DropTail
$ns duplex-link $n0 $n3 1Mb 10ms DropTail
$ns duplex-link $n1 $n2 1Mb 10ms DropTail
$ns duplex-link $n1 $n3 1Mb 10ms DropTail
$ns duplex-link $n2 $n3 1Mb 10ms DropTail

#Create a TCP agent and attach it to node n0
set tcp0 [new Agent/TCP] $tcp0 set class_ 1
$ns attach-agent $n1 $tcp0
#Create a TCP Sink agent (a traffic sink) for TCP and attach it to node n3
set sink0 [new Agent/TCPSink] $ns attach-agent $n3 $sink0
#Connect the traffic sources with the traffic sink
$ns connect $tcp0 $sink0

# Create a CBR traffic source and attach it to tcp0
set cbr0 [new Application/Traffic/CBR] $cbr0 set packetSize_ 500
$cbr0 set interval_ 0.01
$cbr0 attach-agent $tcp0

#Schedule events for the CBR agents
$ns at 0.5 “$cbr0 start”
$ns at 4.5 “$cbr0 stop”


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